A Toast to Teachers and Learners

The M.A. TESOL conference is a long-standing tradition at San Francisco State University. Every semester, the graduating class puts on a conference to share insights from our teaching and research with teachers, students, and faculty. This semester’s conference theme is “A Toast to Teachers and Learners”. We recognize how hard our students work to learn English, and in our conference presentations, we will explore ways of understanding and supporting their efforts. We would also like to acknowledge the dedication and creativity of our colleagues, who encourage and inspire us. We offer a toast in celebration of the aspirations and achievements of teachers and learners everywhere.
This semester’s conference will be held on the afternoon of Friday, December 4th in the Humanities Building at San Francisco State University. We are pleased to announce that the conference sessions will be followed by a career networking event, where students and recent graduates can meet and speak with graduates of our program who now work in a range of different professional contexts. The admission fee for the entire conference – including presentations, career networking, drinks, and hors d’hoeuvres – is five dollars. We hope to see you there!

The graduating class of Fall 2009


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